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Best Places To Shop On A Budget

Best Places To Shop On A Budget

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to be talking about the best places to buy clothes on a budget! So, as a teenager, I don’t have the money to constantly buy high-end clothes. I just don’t, I mean, obviously I have a few designer pieces that I adore (I’m looking at you, Gucci belt) but they were all mostly gifts and not things that I can afford to buy everytime I go to the mall, which is more often than I am proud of. Anyways, here are some of the shops both me, and my wallet, love!

Zara - So this store is super fun, it carries tons of different styles of clothes, and a lot of them are inspired by designers recent runway looks. I personally love the jackets and coats from here as well as the knitwear, it’s incredibly soft!

Pros: Trendy, tons of basics as well as statement pieces.

Cons: Store can be really messy, quality can be so-so.

Forever 21 - The OG budget clothing store, I love buying my warmer weather clothes from here. The crop tops, skirts and shorts from F21 are super cute and the store sells clothes for pretty much everyone’s style, as well as a wide range of accessories.

Pros: So many options, quality has gotten much better.

Cons: Can be “little girlish”, why so many random quotes on items?!

Topshop - This UK based store is iconic in the London fashion scene, and for good reason! They carry great quality items at a pretty reasonable price-point. I adore their bodysuits and jeans.

Pros: Quality is great, wide range of sizes.

Cons: Slightly pricier than others, prices are in British pounds so shopping can get a bit confusing.

Zaful - This store is basically an online, trendy, rip-off haven, which makes many items very hit or miss. I only shop for bathing suits on this site because they are usually the most reliable product.

Pros: Dirt cheap, quality can be bad.

Cons: Sizes run slightly small, shipping takes A VERY LONG time.

ASOS - An affordable online store that with fast shipping that is great for basics. Shipping is also free and they have a great return policy.

Pros: Fast shipping, many brands and options.

Cons: Again, certain brands can be slightly pricey.

I hope this list helps you out the next time your wallet is feeling a little light, but the shopping bug still bites ya! XOXO Maggie


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