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My 2018 Resolutions and How to Achieve Yours!

My 2018 Resolutions and How to Achieve Yours!

Ah, New Years, the holiday that requires you to get your entire life together, or be guilt shamed the girl who goes to the gym 6 times a week and hasn't eaten a carb since 2013. In my life, I’ve had many failed New Year's resolutions, just looking back at last years:


  1. Keep up on my fitness plan, be the fittest, healthiest version of myself possible (I ended up going to the gym 3 times last year- 3/10)

  2. Keep up with my video-making (I kind of didn’t give up on this one, I made a youtube channel and posted a couple of videos, so I get this one! - 8/10)

  3. Be well dressed everyday (Yeah...this didn’t happen - 2/10)

  4. Focus more in school and study smarter (I got honour roll, barely, so I get this one too!)

  5. Read more books (I read the first chapter of IT, so I’d call this one a - 7/10)

  6. Start a fitness blog/Instagram (Trying to do that now, but I figured I couldn’t write about fitness if I haven’t picked up a weight in 6 months, but who knows, maybe 2018 is my fit year? - 4/10)

  7. Drink more water (How much water is more? -  5/10)


I can see that I aimed a little high. Maybe two of these things actually happened, and two is me being very generous. So, with that in mind, I went about deciding what my 2018 resolutions would be, and I decided, small goals were much better and much more achievable. So, without further ado, my 2018 resolutions, at least for the first half of 2018, maybe I’ll do an updated resolutions post if I manage to achieve these.


  1. Keep up with my blogging/Youtubing.

  2. Take a fitness class (Yoga, pilates, boxing, etc.) at least once a week.

  3. Eat two meals a day healthy.

  4. Put in more effort at school (dress better, study more, don’t procrastinate, etc.).

  5. Wash my face everyday.


So there you have it, my resolutions, because I’m lazy and need small goals. Now, I will share with you, my top secret, goal achieving plan I have devised so I don’t become unmotivated.


  • Figure out why you want to do this, if you don’t know why you want to get in shape or eat better, you will end up burning out and giving up.

  • Constantly remind yourself of the end goal, the reward!

  • Find support, tell your family, friends, SO, pets, people at the park, their pets, the waiter at the restaurant, the cashier at the grocery store, anyone with ears. The more real you make your goals, and the more people you have counting on you, the more likely you are to achieve them.

  • Have plenty of fun resources, if you want to get in shape, sign up for a gym that your friends go to, if you want to read more, buy some books that excite you! If you are excited to use them, you will be achieving your goals without even realizing it.


I hope everyone achieves their 2018 resolutions this year! XOXO Mags

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